1. Does it work ?

Its a 100% guarantee it works , we are here for more than 3 years and we constantly improving our macro to suite for best and easy game flow, When a macro software that run in background without having to worry about it is the best macro in our terms. We have come across many macros from internet , all of them don’t give best game experience as it require you to press some keys in-between the game, or it will cause issue with grenade throwing , or inventory scrolling , or it will pull down more than it required while crouching , prone or while hip firing. OUR MACRO IS THE SOLUTION FOR ALL THIS ISSUES. 


2. Which all games can it be used ?

It can be used with any game that have vertical recoil including pubg , pubg pc lite , apex legends, warzone , ring of elysium , counter strike, battle field , free fire etc.


3. where i get my download link?

 After payment, visit my downloads

 you will also receive an email with download link and api key 


4.Is it safe  ?

Yes it is safe . We don’t showcase any detected macros here. Also we frequently update the macros.


5. Can i share it with one more friend?

The unique digital signature and unique window class and uid is unique and used by you only. If u share ,  it become doubled , So chances of getting banned increase. Also we don’t authorize any one to share the application as mentioned in our terms and conditions , If we detect same id used by 2 computers at the same time we will ban you from using the application. And no request regarding unlocking will be entertained. We will not reply to any emails regarding unlocking the account. If more people using same uid then anti-cheat can collect information easily. We don’t want that to happen. Our security policy is very strict.


6.Why 2x, 3x , 4x , 6x scope is not working?

Check your in game settings that you set hold to ADS.( hold right mouse button for scoping).  When you calibrate your sensitivity with red dot scope it will also be used as your hip fire sensitivity by default. If You use toggle to ads then rcl recoil control will think you are hip firing , so it will pull down at lower value than your preferred scope.


7.Does it control horizontal recoil ?

NO, our macro will help with vertical recoil that too with acceleration method (increase recoil value by  ______ every  _______  millisecond , you can set the _____). Its our recommendation to not use horizontal recoil as it will mess up tracking of enemy. Its always better to have horizontal control with our self , with our hand movement , otherwise it may give unwanted effect. GOLDEN RULE :=> USE MACRO FOR VERTICAL RECOIL AND HAND MOVENT FOR HORIZONTAL CONTROL BECAUSE ENEMY WILL BE MOSTLY IN HORIZONTAL MOTION.



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