1. where i get my download link?
    1. After payment You will see a payment confirmation page with download link. So you can directly download from website itself. Also you will receive a bill + download link into your email id that u given during checkout.

  2. Is it safe for pubg lite ?
    1. Yes it is safe . We dont showcase any detected macros here. Also we frequently update the macros and test with the latest game patches.

  3. Can i share it with one more friend?

    1. The unique digital signature and unique window class and uid is unique and used by you only. If u share ,  it become doubled , So chances of getting banned increase. Also we don’t authorize any one to share the application as mentioned in our terms and conditions , If we detect same id used by 2 computers at the same time we will ban you from using the application. And no request regarding unlocking will be entertained. We will not reply to any emails regarding unlocking the account. If more people using same uid then anti-cheat can collect information easily. We dont want that to happen. Our security policy is very strict.

  4. Why 2x, 3x , 4x , 6x scope is not working?
      1. Check your in game settings that you set hold to ADS.( hold right mouse button for scoping).  When you calibrate your sensitivity with reddot scope it will also be used as your hipfire sensitivity by default. If You use toggle to ads then rcl recoil control will think you are hipfiring , so it will pull down at lower value than your preferred scope.