v4.1.3 Last reviewed on 17/07/2020 and tested with the latest patch


  • –Fixed OSD not opening in some devices. ( approved )
  • –Fixed mk14 specific sensitivity adjustment. ( approved )
  • — Now “DEFAULT” button in settings will reset everything ; including specific sensitivity of each weapons ( approved )
  • –Tested with latest game patch ( approved )


  • – quick fix to the bug that was added with 4.1 update.( approved )


  • –Added weapon specific sensitivty adjustment . Apart from general sensiotivity adjustment now u can adjust each weapon recoil control sensitivity ( approved )
  • — So now basically u can creat variation to the each weapon recoil relative to the basic general sensitivity which will enable to configure for your favorite attachments. 
  • –Now u can choose any attachments with the gun.
  • — Added separate hipfire sensitivity adjustment relative to general sensitivity  ( approved )
  • –fixed vector not taking higher scope recoil sensitivity( approved )
  • –slightly increased delay for sniper rifle recoil control  ( approved )
  • — Added a recoil control remover from each slot seperatly ( approved )
  • — Slight adjustments to user interface( approved )
  • —  while sensitvity adjusting the feedback given will throgh tooltip even if u selected narrator feedback for faster feedback.
  • — Checked the compatibility with latest game patch .( approved  )
      • Ctrl + up arrow => increase general sensitivity
      • Ctrl + Down arrow  => decrease general sensitivity
        • this is the most impoprtant recoil sensitivity calibration , Using this it will auto calibrate all weapons and all scope by just calibrating any one weapon ( akm prefered ) with a reddot scope.
      • Alt + up arrow => increase weapon specific sensitivity 
      • Alt + Down arrow => decrease weapon specific sensitivity
        • Use only if required ( mostly you wouldnt need to touch this unless you are using extreme in game sensitivity )
      • Alt + Ctrl + up arrow => increase hip fire sensitivity 
      • Alt + Ctrl + Down arrow => decrease hip fire sensitivity


  • –Added Burst fire mode for beryl and ump. Now u can cycle btw autofire => single fire => burst fire with the same ingame fire mode selection button for beryl and ump
    •  for other weapons its same as autofire => singlefire ( approved )
  • — Above mentioned feature is added for additional firemode selection button also ( approved )
  • –Beryl recoil pattern changed ( tuned by equipping compensator and angled grip )
    • number of beryl recoil pattern nodes quadrapled and time to move from one node to other has reduced by around 3.2 times ie before number of nodes was 40 and now it is around 160.
      and time to move from one node to other changed from 86ms to 27ms.( approved )
    • => Basically beryl can be controlled very easily now ( approved )
    • => with beryl u should equip compensator and angled grip now
    • => Do not equip compensator with any other weapon
  • — Added shotgun/win94 slot this slot can be used for s686, s1986 , s12k , win94 ( manually enabling button is not added now we will add it later ) ( approved )
  • –Added autodetection of s686, s1986 , s12k and win 94 ( wich will show as ” autodetect *its name”) ( approved )
  • — Added auto detection for m24 sniper ( approved )
  • — Added autodetection for vector ( approved )
  • — Added a follow up recoil pattern with the sniper slot so that even if u mistakenly equip sniper recoil with other weapon it will enable autofire mode for weapons.( approved )
  • — If the weapon cant be detected automatically then it will activate the previous weapon equipped in that slot. 
  • — Default version changed from narrator to tooltip.( approved  )
  •  –Prone recoil compensation value has slightly increaded for all weapons . Now it will pull down mouse at necessary value if u are prone( approved )
    • basically it will not pulldown mouse more than necessary.
  • Included important guides in zip file + zipfile will now have password.

v3.9 [ this number skipped ]

  • — skipping the number 3.9 as i dont like the number 39


  • –Bug fix of Tool tip auto hide timer ( approved )


  • –Size  of tool tip reduced and position of tool-tip is changed to make it less intrusive ( approved )
  • –Now tool-tip will auto-hide after 2 seconds of showing it( approved )
  • –This will fix the issue of mouse cursor popping out at sometime when trying to fire which was caused due to in-game cursor coming on top of previous tool-tip position, and when firing it is trying to click on top of tool-tip. (approved )  


  • –added tommygun recoil( approved )
  • –added microuzi recoil( approved )
  • –Checked compatibility with the latest patch released ( approved )
  • –Autodetection of microuzi and tommygun added (approved)
  • — Changed ump9 to ump45 (approved)
  • –Checked security of the application ( approved )
  • — Reworked time between shots for some weapons to improve accuracy ( approved )


  • –added sensitivty adjustment on the go – press up arrow to add -press down arrow to reduce – hit enter to save ( approved )
  • –fixed issue where firemode doesnt get reset when pressing disable, now after every game press 9 to reset everything ( approved )
  • –added 2slots for single fire mode . now u can select firemode on each weapon seperatly ( approved )
  • –Crouch recoil adjustment reworked , Now it will change based on your stance ; not based on keypress : so basically now u can press same crouch button to crouch and stand (require borderless windowed mode and 1080p resolution)
  • — prone recoil adjustment is same as before ; it is based on your keypress . so press jump button to stand-up instead of prone button again
  • –akm higher scope spray tuned ( approved )
  • — Removed the unnecessary popup coming when autodetect off —( srry that i forgot to remove this popup earlier , it was added for debugging purpose) ( approved )


  • — automatic weapon detection, and assigning recoil automatically when opening inventory[will work only in 1080p resolution, and borderless windowed mode ( approved )
  • press tab and it will assign recoil for u
  • –switch on and off automatic weapon detection (approved)
  • –OnScreen display of hotkeys [work only in borderless windowed mode] (BETA version– approved)
  • –Reworked the first weapon recoil selection, now no need to press recoil slot before selecting first weapon recoil, it will automatically assign (approved)
  • –added scarl (approved)
  • –added vss (approved)
  • — added extra space to add weapons in future (approved)
  • –improved the waiting time before next shot when equipping sniper slot, now can rapidly click . This slot can be used for mini14,sks,slr,kar98,m24,awm. (approved)
  • –when equipping sniper slot u dont have to cycle between scopes, it is always assumed to be equipping higher scope, but if u r using redot or small scopes , u can (or u should )rapidly click fire-button and it will compensate the recoil automatically (approved)
  • — added secondary grenade key (approved)
  • –added melee weapon equipping key (approved)
  • — added user customization for extra fire-mode selection key. still u have to double tap this key (approved)
  • — user interface (approved)
  • –reduced memory usages (approved)
  • — Still haven’t added any images or other stuff inorder to keep cpu usage less as possible ( cpu usage is below 1% tested on laptop lenovo y510p i5 )


  • — Bug fix in sensitivity settings (approved)
  • — a small security update (approved)


  • — Removed single higherscope slot and added 2 scope slot( it is now possible to assign 2 different scope for each weapon (approved)
  • –now no need to double tap recoil hot key (approved)
  • — by default scope will be set to reddot (approved)
  • — Doubletap mouse middle button to cycle btw scopes (2,3,4,6) { it will be easy to add different keys for different scopes but during a game situation it will be difficult to interact with extra keys if user request it can be added } (approved)
  • –The same Mouse middle button can be used for both scop slots , it will only change scope of the weapon that is in your hand (approved)
  • — changed extra firemode button to “R” (approved)
  • — now double tap reload button (fast) to change firemode (approved)
  • — DoubleTap (fast) right mouse button to select reddot as scope (helps in intense situations) (approved)
  • –Removed reddot scope from cycling scopelist (DT middle mouse) as it already assigned with right mouse DT ,, otherwise cycling scopelist feels long (approved)


  • –Added a single higherscope slot (if both gun is selected as higher scope , it is not possible to assign 2 differ higherscopes for each weapon) (approved)
  • –by default higher scope is set to 3x (approved)
  • –Doubletap recoil hotkey to select higherscop slot (approved)
  • –Doubletap mouse middle button to cycle btw scopes (approved)
  • –Added firemode selection in synch with game (approved)
  • –Added an extra doubletap Right mouse button to cycle btw firemode(single /auto) ; not in synch with game (approved)

*Changelog shown here is of premium version .

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