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Apex Legends season 9 No Recoil

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It will affect all your weapons. So if you want to change the game sensitivity any time , you would have to only change general recoil sensitivity to adjust all your recoil patterns.

it will only affect that particular weapon. So after adjusting the general recoil sensitivity if any of the weapons recoil  need slight adjustment you can change weapon specific recoil sensitivity .

This will reduce the jumpy movement of the recoil control. This is a new mechanism we invented to increase the nodal points thus making the pattern very smooth.
Do not increase it too much  which will change the pattern accuracy.
increase it only just enough to smoothen the mouse movent

if recoil of weapon is different while ads and hip fire. you can adjust hip fire multiplier to get desired effect

if different scopes have different recoil you can set this.
Double click mouse middle button to cycle btw scope.

Double click right mouse button for reddot or 1x

Step 1 Disable windows Dpi scaling

  1. Right click on application and select properties
  2.  choose Compatibility tab
  3. Click on high DPI settings button
  4. tick Override high DPI scaling behavior
  5. Select Scaling performed by : application 

Step 2 Copy all your ingame keybinds to rcl settings

  1. Open you game and go into settings
  2. then copy all the keybinds from your game into RCL settings

Step 3 Change some basic game settings

  1. set your game into borderless windowed mode.
  2. mouse wheel up –> primary weapon 1 (if you use mouse wheels to switch weapon)
  3. Mouse wheel down –> primary weapon 2
  4. Hold right mouse for ads (if you want to use scope variations for recoil )

Step 4 make autodetection for your resloution

  1. Start your game and go into training mode and take 2 weapons
  2. Start the RCL application and click on DETECT MAKER button
  3. Now click on the weapon name button then click on capture
  4. Press tab to open inventory
  5. Now place the small red rectangle on the name of the weapon and double click right mouse button to capture
  6. Now click on crop , click OK
  7. similarly do this for all weapons you want autodetection for.
  8. Now we need to set scan area for detecting these while we are in game.
  9. for that click on set1 button then click and drag to make a rectangle on top of the weapon1 name in inventory. click again to set the scan area.
  10. similarly for slot2 also
  11. Now click on save scan area
  12. that’s it to add autodetection

Note: smaller the scan area faster the detection.
Press tab in game to autodetection, that is when you open inventory it will detect the gun.

Step 5 Adjust your recoil control sensitivity

  1. take any one gun in training mode and activate its recoil
  2. click backspace to see shortcut keys
  3. fire the weapon
  4. if bullets going down increase general recoil sens
  5. if bullets going up reduce general recoil sens
  6. find a general recoil sens that suits you
  7. thats it you have adjusted all your weapons

For further adjusting Read knowledge base

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