Affiliate Area


Conditions Apply

  • If a person purchases a product worth of 300$ means you will earn 300×40% = 120$.
  • if a discount coupon is applied when purchasing through your affiliate link , The commission will also be applicable with same discount during payout.
    ie. if a person buy product of 300$ using a discount of 50% then he will be paying 150$ , the commission of 40% will equal to 150×40% = 60$ (this will be shown in your dashboard ) but when paying out
    the same discount will be applicable to your payout So actual payout will be 60$ @ 50% discount that is 30$.
  • if a discount of more than 50 % is applied you will earn no commission.
  • No affiliate commission will be calculated when you purchase with your own affiliate link.
  • The dashboard may show different value of commission if a person makes a discounted purchase
  • Payout will be done every 1st week of a month , there may be verification of 3 month before your 1st payout and minimum payout is 50$
  • The commission rate may change in future.
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